These are the known members of the Guild whose service was marked by their election as a Life Honorary Member.

The title was first written into the rules in 1974 to be an award for outstanding services to the Guild and was by election at the AGM on the proposition of either the Guild Management Committee or of a Branch.  From 1951 the Annual Report prints a list of LHMs but rarely are the elections mentioned in the report.  It appears that it was awarded upon payment from important people in the diocese and to retiring officers, including non-ringing clerics.  Please advise the webmaster of further information.

Note: The names shown in italics are Honary Life Members known to be deceased.


The 64 Life Honorary Members:

NameYear of Election
A N Wood
Lt Col H G Sotherby
Canon R H Robinson
Rev T Merriman
Rear-Adml Sir Wellwood Maxwell
W Loveday
C E Ivens
Revd Canon J L Cartwright
C Adams
Robert G Black
Canon T W Long1955
Ernest E Whitmore1955
Burley P Morris1959
Ven Cecil J Grimes1959
H J Vaughan1963
Canon G F Turner1966
Patrick I Chapman1966
John H Bluff1971
Revd C J W Faulkner1972
William J Whitmore1974
Eric E Billings1977
J Malcolm Tyler1980
Revd Canon Ernest G Orland1980
James R Mossop1980
Revd Canon Michael Wilson1982
William A Yates1982
Rev Roger W Smith1983
Stanley M Ruddlesden1983
John Weaver1986
C William Brown1988
Murray A Coleman1990
Fred Chambers1991
Frederick W Hutt1991
Victor Perry1991
Christopher Groome1991
Derek Jones1992
James Hedgcock1998
Rex Line2001
Edward C Garrett2004
Peter D Wenham2004
Mary R Coleman2004
Gerald Kingston2004
Dorothy Westerman2005
Anthony Evans2006
Hilary Aslett2006
Cecil Swann2006
Ray Henman2006
Denis G Pearson2008
Geoffrey Pullin2011
Maureen Basford2011
Derek Thornton2012
Dorothy Stopps2012
Hilda Collins2014
Janet Bowers2015
Brenda Dixon2015
David Westerman2017
Patricia Teall2017
David Teall2017
Alan Marks2019
Len Hallifax2019
Richard Yates2020
Susan Jones2020
Bridget Paul2023
Graham Paul2023