Map of Towers

(Coloured by branch)

Guild Towers

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The 271 towers:

Practice times are 19:30 unless otherwise stated.

The character † by the tower indicates that there is more information about practices available in the tower page.

PostcodeWhat 3 Words
Alderton, S Margaret (GF) 57-2-23 in G#ToNN12 7LPinserting.cowboy.disband
Aldwincle, S Peter (GF) 512-2-15 in GThNN14 3UUprepared.depravity.ounce
Arthingworth, S Andrew 610-3-12 in F#KeLE16 8NJroofed.explained.paradise
Ashby St Ledgers, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Leodegarius (GF) 412 cwt in FDaCV23 8UNerupts.derailed.reveal
Ashley, S Mary V (GF) 57-0-8 in AKeMonLE16 8HFcharm.recliner.contour
Ashton, S Michael & All Angels 57-0-17 in CToWed †NN7 2JJresponded.stunning.ombudsman
Ashwell, S Mary (GF) 68-2-20 in GRuLE15 7LPboost.vacancies.crossing
Aynho, S Michael 816-1-20 in FCuTue †OX17 3BGwrong.pickup.clasping
Ayston, S Mary V (GF) [CCT] 412-2-7 in GRuLE15 9AEplodding.buzzer.cowering
Badby, S Mary (GF) 614-0-11 in EDaWedNN11 3ARslack.blast.recoup
Bainton, S Mary (GF) (u/r) 411 cwt in PePE9 3AQcompeting.grocers.bedrock
Barby, S Mary (GF) 515-0-3 in FDaMon
Barnack, S John Bapt (GF) 68-2-7 in G#PePE9 3DNroughest.tablets.extension
Barrowden, S Peter (GF) 69-3-17 in G#RuWedLE15 8EDstrength.talkative.broccoli
Barton Seagrave, S Botolph 89-1-22 in AKeMonNN15 6SZranges.heads.stiff
Belton in Rutland, S Peter (GF) 610-0-24 in GRuLE15 9JTcontracts.uniform.jabs
Benefield, S Mary V 67-3-6 in GPePE8 5AFrummage.concluded.only
Blakesley, S Mary (GF) 512 cwt in F#ToNN12
Blisworth, S John Bapt (GF) 612-2-25 in FToWedNN7
Boughton, S John Bapt (GF) 56-0-18 in BNoWed †
Bozeat, S Mary 616-2-6 in EWeThuNN29 7NEcaskets.encloses.blaze
Brackley, S Peter 813-2-27 in FCuMonNN13 7BZloved.mistaking.spurring
Bradden, S Michael (GF) 58-3-2 in B♭ToNN12 8EDbackpacks.spreading.revisits
Brafield on the Green, S Laurence 612-0-7 in FNoWedNN7 1BBincomes.fried.drag
Brampton Ash, S Mary 611-1-2 in GKeLE16 8PDiron.calibrate.breathing
Braunston, All Saints 615-1-6 in FDaThuNN11 7HScompanies.doll.with
Braunston, All Saints (GF) 610-0-25 in GRuWed †LE15 8QSswinging.senders.zealous
Brigstock, S Andrew (GF) 813-3-4 in EThWed †
NN14 3JHbath.regretted.simmer
Brixworth, All Saints 616-0-10 in EGuFri
NN6 9BZglimmers.knee.shrimp
Brooke, S Peter (GF) 68-1-2 in ARuWed †LE15 8DElays.toxic.tentacles
Broughton, S Andrew (u/r) 510 cwt in AKeNN14 1NZcoasting.miss.heavy
Bugbrooke, S Michael & All Angels (GF) 514-0-14 in FDaNN7 3RGfuzzy.absent.twist
Bulwick, S Nicholas (GF) 610-0-27 in F#PeNN17 3DYremembers.dice.race
Burton Latimer, S Mary V 810-0-13 in FKeNN15 5LUfires.including.migrate
Byfield, Holy Cross 812-1-17 in FDaFriNN11 6XNmills.quite.item
Caldecott, S John Ev (GF) 68-0-15 in GRuMon †LE16 8RNpaddle.refusals.refuse
Castle Ashby, S Mary Magd (GF) 519-2-24 in E♭WeNN7 1LQrely.loaf.acids
Castor, S Kyneburgha 810-0-9 in GPeMon †PE5 7AXarriving.thirsty.clattered
Chacombe, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 613-3-8 in FCuWed †OX17 2JSboots.unearthly.composers
Charwelton, Holy Trinity (GF) 510-2-16 in A♭CuNN11
Chelveston, S John Bapt (u/r) 58 cwt in AWeNN9 6ATaccented.reach.fractions
Chipping Warden, S Peter & S Paul 512-1-5 in FCuThu †OX17 1JUsoils.universe.accompany
Church Brampton, S Botolph 59-1-2 in GNoNN6 8ATaward.decks.robot
Church Stowe, S Michael (GF) 513-3-12 in GDaNN7 4SGcrinkled.eyeful.duty
Clipston, All Saints 513-3-0 in F#GuLE16 9RWmonk.eyelash.ghost
Cogenhoe, S Peter (GF) 68-1-14 in ANoMonNN7 1LSdisprove.relatives.swordfish
Cold Ashby, S Denys (GF) 66½ cwt in AGuMon †NN6 6ENflattery.exits.aunts
Cold Higham, S Luke (GF) 68-0-21 in A♭ToSat †
NN12 8LRplugs.flinches.dealings
Collingtree, S Columba (GF) 512-2-2 in GNoNN4 0PRmonday.stand.lance
Corby, S John Bapt (GF) 67-3-19 in B♭KeWed
NN17 1XFcheeks.part.pump
Cosgrove, S Peter & S Paul 610-0-26 in GToMonMK19 7JAwidely.altitude.pint
Cotterstock, S Andrew (GF) 68-1-21 in APeFri †PE8 5HDinfants.windmill.barn
Cottesbrooke, All Saints (GF) 814-0-21 in FGuNN6 8PQrestore.prevented.barbarian
Cottesmore, S Nicholas 614-0-3 in FRuThuLE15 7BWpatrolled.abode.feasts
Cottingham, S Mary Magd (GF) 511-1-10 in A♭KeFri
LE16 8XUemblem.cherish.afternoon
Courteenhall, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 512-0-26 in F#NoNN7 2QEtent.weds.penny
Cranford St Andrew, S Andrew (GF) (u/r) [CCT] 47 cwt in KeNN14 4ALsmuggled.prongs.riot
Cranford St John, S John Bapt (GF) 69-1-2 in GKeNN14 4AEflap.tallest.reverted
Cransley, S Andrew (GF) 69-2-9 in G#KeTue
NN14 1PXclustered.lighten.setting
Creaton, S Michael & All Angels (GF) 67½ cwt in AGuWedNN6 8NApresented.reacting.elsewhere
Crick, S Margaret 811-0-19 in F#GuSat
NN6 7TPinferior.growl.filled
Croughton, All Saints (GF) 59-3-18 in GCuTue †NN13 5LSeruptions.moisture.hoaxes
Culworth, S Mary V (GF) 512-3-10 in ECuOX17 2AUrally.stupidly.supplied
Daventry, Holy Cross 1018-3-11 in E♭DaTueNN11 4FLprickly.drips.cocoons
Deene, S Peter [CCT] 610-1-12 in F#ThNN17 3EHchariots.blesses.crouching
Denford, Holy Trinity (GF) (u/r) 67 cwt in B♭ThNN14 4EDtrinkets.vaccines.acrobats
Denton, S Margaret (u/r) 35 cwt in CNoNN7 1DGappear.dressings.chemistry
Desborough, S Giles 89-2-4 in GKeMon
NN14 2XQtentacles.theory.sofas
Dingley, All Saints (GF) 58 cwt in A♭KeLE16 8PGfalls.notices.tightrope
Dodford, S Mary V (GF) 613 cwt in FDaNN7 4SUcaravans.lobbed.retract
Draughton, S Catherine (GF) 46 cwt in BGuNN6 9JQremovers.bend.odds
Duston, S Luke (GF) 68-0-1 in B♭NoThu †NN5 6RZicon.voice.spoon
Earls Barton, All Saints 811-3-25 in F#WeThuNN6 0JJboarded.crawled.leathers
East Carlton, S Peter (u/r) 69 cwt in G#KeLE16 8YAhandle.conforms.switch
East Farndon, S John Bapt (GF) 67-0-6 in B♭GuLE16 9SUroughest.infringe.harnessed
East Haddon, S Mary V 615-0-22 in EGuWed
NN6 8BUdecades.slightly.trapdoor
Easton Maudit, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 514-1-10 in FWeNN29 7NRpassenger.resolved.sports
Easton Neston, S Mary (GF) 89-2-6 in GToTue †NN12 7HSdripped.seats.bulge
Easton on the Hill, All Saints (GF) 611-0-16 in F#PePE9 3NZsapping.unfocused.foiled
Ecton, S Mary Magd 615-2-20 in EWeWed
NN6 0QEshot.villager.ahead
Edgcote, S James (GF) (u/r) 48¼ cwt in G#CuOX17 1AGpurses.glows.president
Edith Weston, S Mary 67-0-13 in ARuLE15 8EYfairway.chips.storyline
Empingham, S Peter 615-2-9 in F#RuMonLE15 8PWirritable.chop.remarked
Evenley, S George 56-3-26 in ACuTue †NN13 5SGminus.outcasts.minerals
Everdon, S Mary BV (GF) 519-1-3 in EDaMon
NN11 3DTstrange.head.listening
Exton, S Peter & S Paul 612-2-10 in GRuLE15 8AXexulted.cardinal.burglars
Eydon, S Nicholas (GF) 69-2-20 in GCuTue †
NN11 3PQplan.workbench.contents
Farthinghoe, S Michael & All Angels (GF) (u/r) 511 cwt in G#CuNN13 5PNmergers.competing.widen
Farthingstone, S Mary V (GF) 56-0-3 in BDaNN12 8EZatomic.commit.standard
Fawsley, S Mary V (GF) 411-1-4 in G#DaNN11 3BSadverbs.raven.vaccines
Finedon, S Mary V 821-2-23 in DWeThu †NN9 5NRawakening.grumbling.diamond
Flore, All Saints 612-2-27 in F#DaMon †
NN7 4LZintruding.steams.called
Fotheringhay, S Mary & All Saints 610-1-19 in F#PeFri †PE8 5HZnets.gracing.sculpting
Gayton, S Mary (GF) 613-1-25 in F#ToNN7 3HPbuzzards.loaf.snails
Geddington, S Mary Magd 611-3-17 in F#KeNN14 1ANnylon.imprints.tribes
Glapthorn, S Leonard 35 cwt in BPePE8 5BEexpiring.jigging.charts
Glaston, S Andrew (GF) 67-1-22 in B♭RuLE15 9BNdisco.playfully.grumbles
Glinton, S Benedict (GF) 614-3-5 in EPeThuPE6 7JNbirthdays.formless.firepower
Grafton Regis, S Mary 59-0-2 in G#ToNN12
Grafton Underwood, S James Ap (GF) 57-0-11 in B♭KeNN14 3AAstapled.nesting.interests
Great Addington, All Saints (GF) 610-0-12 in A♭ThMonNN14 4BSdeclares.plankton.perplexed
Great Billing, S Andrew 313 cwt in GNoNN3 9EEnation.debate.peanut
Great Brington, S Mary (GF) 617-2-2 in EDaNN7 4JBverb.minds.rested
Great Casterton, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 65-1-18 in A♭RuThuPE9 4ANvisitors.change.nips
Great Doddington, S Nicholas (GF) 55-3-4 in B♭WeNN29 7TRcarefully.shunted.grading
Great Harrowden, All Saints (u/r) 39 cwt in GWeNN9 5AAsofa.colleague.depend
Great Oakley, S Michael (GF) 55-2-18 in BKeNN18 8HNexpressed.subjects.assume
Great Oxendon, S Helen (GF) 57-0-2 in A♭GuLE16
Greatworth, S Peter 66-3-11 in BCuMon †OX17 2DUflock.robes.unfocused
Greens Norton, S Bartholomew (GF) 610-1-22 in A♭ToThuNN12 8BLflamingo.illogical.discloses
Greetham, S Mary V (GF) 610-1-5 in A♭RuFri †LE15 7NXpurifier.crunched.little
Grendon, S Mary 614-0-10 in F#WeTueNN7 1JEseaweed.decoding.spearhead
Gretton, S James Gt (GF) 58-2-24 in A♭RuMon †NN17 3DEsprouting.wordplay.tastier
Guilsborough, S Etheldreda (GF) 68-1-24 in A♭GuMon †NN6 8QAsafest.peanut.sniff
Hambleton, S Andrew (GF) 510-2-6 in GRuTue †LE15 8TLponies.being.propelled
Hardingstone, S Edmund 512 cwt in F#NoNN4 6BZpound.shows.camps
Hargrave, All Saints 47 cwt in A#ThNN9 6BHsober.engrossed.ramp
Harlestone, S Andrew (GF) 620-0-9 in E♭NoNN7 4ENrecent.hangs.fight
Harpole, All Saints 612-1-12 in F#NoThuNN7 4DRnovel.pits.scare
Harrington, S Peter & S Paul (u/r) 69-0-13 in B♭KeNN6 9NXmodels.intrigued.formed
Harringworth, S John Bapt (GF) 610-2-4 in FRuMon †NN17 3AFcandidate.torched.listed
Haselbech, S Michael (GF) 815-0-12 in F#GuNN6 9LJsearch.brush.banquets
Hellidon, S John Bapt (GF) 58-0-24 in A♭DaTue
Helmdon, S Mary Magd 610-1-4 in GCuSat
NN13 5QJlows.obviously.cork
Hemington, S Peter & S Paul (u/r) 45 cwt in CPePE8 5QJbeginning.outbound.stables
Higham Ferrers, S Mary V 1022-1-0 in E♭WeTueNN10 8BTdrips.plump.puzzles
Irchester, S Katharine (GF) 821-1-20 in DWeThu
NN29 7AJhandlebar.dodges.imagined
Irthlingborough, S Peter 810-1-4 in GWeWedNN9 5SDpothole.droplet.scarecrow
Isham, S Peter (GF) 69-1-0 in GKeMonNN14 1HLbucked.crunched.months
Islip, S Nicholas 612-2-9 in F#ThNN14 3JRtester.swoop.stardom
Kelmarsh, S Denys (GF) 69 cwt in G#GuNN6 9LYsuave.exclusive.miracles
Kettering, S Peter & S Paul 1221-1-2 in E♭KeThuNN16 0AQobject.reason.charm
Ketton, S Mary the Virgin (Chime) 610-0-20 in F#RuPE9 3RDinspector.regularly.surreal
Kilsby, S Faith (GF) 410-1-3 in GDaCV23 8YBseriously.belong.zipped
King's Cliff, All Saints 611-2-22 in FPeWed
PE8 6XQparkway.shirtless.letter
King's Sutton, S Peter & S Paul 814-2-0 in GCuTue †OX17
Kislingbury, S Luke (GF) 512-0-13 in F#DaMonNN7 4AEwhites.soak.shovels
Lamport, All Saints (GF) (u/r) 48 cwt in G#GuNN6
Langham, S Peter & S Paul 613-2-4 in FRuLE15
Lilbourne, All Saints (GF) 510 cwt in GGuThu †CV23 0SXedit.node.bundles
Litchborough, S Martin (GF) 58-1-15 in AToSat
NN12 8JGclocks.outbursts.theory
Little Addington, S Mary V (GF) (u/r) 38 cwt in G#ThNN14 4AYtomato.extend.hoping
Little Houghton, S Mary BV 511-3-17 in FNoNN7 1ABusual.milk.effort
Loddington, S Leonard (GF) (u/r) 36-0-18 in CKeNN14 1LAfund.wardrobe.depending
Lois Weedon, S Mary V & S Peter 66-2-21 in ACuWedNN12 8PLanother.haystack.sums
Long Buckby, S Lawrence 815-1-27 in EGuMon
NN6 7RXadmiringly.deriving.bubble
Lowick, S Peter 613 cwt in F#ThWed †
NN14 3BHthrashed.shine.script
Lutton, S Peter (GF) (u/r) 47-0-13 in APePE8 5NEguarded.broached.welfare
Lyddington, S Andrew 612-3-0 in FRuThu †LE15 9LNthunder.backed.prefect
Lyndon, S Martin (GF) 46-0-23 in ARuLE15 8TUhydrant.sourcing.machine
Maidwell, S Mary (GF) 68-1-0 in GGuFri
NN6 9JGmixing.exhaling.snippet
Market Overton, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 514-2-18 in F#RuThuLE15 7PWchampions.ejects.unsettled
Marston St Lawrence, S Lawrence 510-1-6 in F#CuMon †OX17 2DApresides.shrimp.handbag
Marston Trussell, S Nicholas (GF) 610-0-14 in GGuLE16 9TYstuds.evening.firelight
Maxey, S Peter 612-0-21 in F#PePE6 9HFboomed.soothing.bleaker
Mears Ashby, All Saints (GF) 611-3-2 in GWeTue †NN6 0EFmanage.stopwatch.gadget
Middleton Cheney, All Saints 622-2-15 in DCuSat
OX17 2NZsnug.bedrock.differ
Milton Malsor, Holy Cross (GF) 511-0-18 in F#NoNN7 3AJdiscusses.briskly.abacus
Morcott, S Mary V (GF) 46-0-0 in ARuLE15 9DTstays.skyrocket.album
Moreton Pinkney , S Mary V (GF) 66-2-26 in ACuThu †NN11 3SJsatin.easily.overjoyed
Moulton, S Peter & S Paul 1211-1-14 in A♭WeMonNN3 7SPmimic.dine.drove
Naseby, All Saints (GF) 512-3-19 in EGuNN6 6BZthundered.flame.grumbles
Nassington, S Mary V & All Saints (GF) 69-2-4 in GPeMonPE8
Nether Heyford, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 67-3-7 in G#DaFriNN7 3LJcheaper.throwaway.newsstand
Newnham, S Michael and All Angels 613-0-1 in EDaThu †
NN11 3ETteamed.twit.spiking
North Luffenham, S John Bapt (GF) 611-1-14 in GRuLE15 8JRradar.hound.scratches
Northampton, All Saints 1017-0-4 in ENoWed †NN1 1DFstress.desk.decide
Northampton, Holy Sepulchre (GF) 814-3-7 in F#NoWed †NN1 3EBhunter.salads.fact
Northampton, S Benedict, West Hunsbury 63-2-20 in DNoMonNN4 9UGwicked.oppose.nests
Northampton, S Giles 1022-3-0 in DNoWed †NN1 5AArally.acted.leaned
Northampton, S John Bapt, Kingsthorpe 615-2-14 in FNoNN2 6QGwins.chops.eagle
Northampton, S Mary, Dallington (GF) 67-2-2 in ANoNN5
Northampton, S Peter (GF) [CCT] 812-2-0 in FNoWed †NN1 1SHwages.complains.silver
Northampton, S Peter & S Paul, Abington (GF) 610-1-24 in ANoNN3
Norton, All Saints (GF) 515-2-6 in FDaNN11 2UZlame.thumps.converter
Oakham, All Saints 824-2-9 in E♭RuTueLE15 6DRirritate.registry.daring
Old, S Andrew (GF) (u/r) 512 cwt in F#GuNN6 9QYsaddens.lock.goose
Orlingbury, S Mary 610-2-18 in FWeTue †NN14 1JAdictation.scrapping.intent
Oundle, S Peter 825-1-11 in D♭PePE8 4APexplained.difficult.destiny
Overstone, S Nicholas 35-3-3 in BNoNN6 0AGcope.brands.rocky
Passenham, S Guthlac 518 cwt in EToMK19 6DHcrumbles.portfolio.interests
Paston, All Saints (GF) (u/r) 36-2-2 in APePE4 7UNshuts.slide.gave
Pattishall, Holy Cross (GF) 811-2-24 in GToMonNN12 8NBprice.seashell.mocking
Paulerspury, S James Ap (GF) 614-3-22 in FToNN12 7NEreduction.thick.sofa
Peterborough, Cath Ch of S Peter, S Paul, & S Andrew 1221-1-20 in EPeMon †PE1 1XSpiles.along.voter
Peterborough, S John Bapt 825-2-22 in CPePE1 1YRwaddled.glue.icon
Peterborough, S Mary 88-3-17 in APeThuPE1 1TTsoon.drill.result
Piddington, S John Bapt (GF) 610-2-23 in F#NoNN7 2ERsector.leans.hiked
Pilton, All Saints (GF) (u/r) 48 cwt in AThPE8 5SNreap.champions.relay
Pitsford, All Saints (GF) 610-3-11 in ANoMon
NN6 9AJgrapes.gross.move
Polebrook, All Saints (GF) 511-1-7 in F#PePE8 5LPdetail.pocket.roughness
Potterspury, S Nicholas (GF) 613-0-4 in EToNN12 7PXmenswear.palace.waddle
Preston, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 610-0-23 in G#RuLE15 9NGshells.activity.rejoins
Preston Capes, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 518 cwt in E♭DaWedNN11 3TEallies.educates.earl
Pytchley, All Saints 58-0-0 in GKeFri
NN14 1EWcrossword.mime.rear
Raunds, S Peter (GF) 822-0-8 in E♭ThNN9 6JBsunflower.clasps.sketch
Ravensthorpe, S Denys (GF) 57-2-0 in AGuNN6 8EPbulky.universally.tell
Ridlington, S Mary Magd & S Andrew (GF) 47-1-24 in B♭RuLE15
Ringstead, Nativity of BVM (GF) 612-1-3 in EThNN14 4DHsingers.investors.simple
Roade, S Mary V (GF) 610-2-17 in F#ToWed †NN7 2PUprinters.courage.thread
Rothersthorpe, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 511-3-14 in GNoNN7 3HSprofile.claw.stereos
Rothwell, Holy Trinity 1021-0-3 in E♭KeWedNN14
Rushden, S Mary 818-0-17 in EWeFriNN10 0PGemotional.slogged.fetches
Rushton, All Saints (GF) 68-3-26 in AKeTue
NN14 1SBraves.smuggled.drones
Ryhall, S John Ev 611-1-5 in FRuMonPE9 4HRplaced.drag.topics
Scaldwell, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 510-0-7 in GGuWed †
NN6 9JNembarks.tomato.ketchup
Seaton, All Hallows (GF) 610-0-21 in GRuLE15 9HRconnected.zoomed.attaching
Sibbertoft, S Helen (GF) 510-2-2 in A♭GuLE16 9UAquicker.dignitary.firebird
South Luffenham, S Mary V (GF) 45 cwt in CRuLE15
Spratton, S Andrew (GF) 611-2-24 in FGuNN6 8HHpasswords.inflamed.silly
Stanion, S Peter (GF) 611-1-4 in GThWed †
NN14 1DFhonest.shed.leads
Stanwick, S Laurence (GF) 66-2-26 in AWeTue †
NN9 6PSsqueaks.loses.picturing
Staverton, S Mary V 610-3-26 in GDaThuNN11 6DDessays.hampers.propose
Stoke Albany, S Botolph (GF) 610-0-5 in AKeLE16 8PZmeasuring.fractions.ordinary
Stoke Bruerne, S Mary V (GF) 511-1-15 in EToNN12 7SBearmarked.bookshop.softly
Stoke Doyle, S Rumbald (GF) 510-3-10 in G#ThWed †
PE8 5THnightlife.silver.enabling
Sudborough, All Saints (GF) 57-1-4 in AThWed †
NN14 3BXgardens.snuck.frocks
Sulgrave, S James Less 610-3-2 in A♭CuOX17 2RPcontained.admits.cans
Syresham, S James 59-0-10 in G#CuNN13 5HUconducted.sagging.nuptials
Sywell, S Peter & S Paul 36-0-13 in BWeNN6 0BQbroached.handyman.chapels
Tansor, S Mary (GF) (u/r) 37 cwt in APePE8 5HNheadings.blown.waltzed
Thornby, S Helen (GF) 56-2-25 in A♭GuNN6 8SNclip.swooning.vibrates
Thornhaugh, S Andrew (GF) 55-2-1 in APePE8 6HLbeards.dominate.clipboard
Thorpe Achurch, S John Bapt 45-0-5 in CThPE8 5SLheadstone.bleak.basically
Thorpe Malsor, All Saints (u/r) 66-3-19 in B♭KeNN14 1JSunderline.wimp.marsh
Thorpe Mandeville, S John Bapt (GF) 36-2-26 in BCuOX17 2EYthink.encrusted.items
Thrapston, S James 814-0-7 in F#ThMonNN14 4LEevenly.offline.shred
Tiffield, S John Bapt (GF) (u/r) 37 cwt in B♭ToNN12 8ABunfit.acquaint.home
Tinwell, All Saints (GF) (u/r) 49-3-17 in GRuPE9 3UDnooks.affair.sleeper
Titchmarsh, S Mary V 817-3-22 in EThNN14 3DBconned.stupidly.consumed
Towcester, S Lawrence 1223-1-16 in EToFri
NN12 6YYdashes.panthers.driftwood
Twywell, S Nicholas (GF) 66-3-23 in BThNN14 3AUunicorns.songbirds.norms
Ufford, S Andrew [CCT] 411-1-18 in G#PeThu †
PE9 3BSunto.baseballs.limit
Upper Boddington, S John Bapt (GF) 611-0-19 in GCuMonNN11 6DLrooms.outboard.develop
Uppingham, S Peter and S Paul 814-2-2 in ERuThu †LE15 9QHboat.diary.motivator
Wadenhoe, S Michael & All Angels (GF) 67-1-6 in GThWed †
PE8 5SToath.forgotten.erupt
Wakerley, S John Bapt (GF) (u/r) [CCT] 39 cwt in G#RuLE15 8PDcuter.thud.dolly
Walgrave, S Peter (GF) 513-2-8 in EGuNN6 9QHsnuggled.splits.flagging
Wansford, S Mary V (GF) 63-3-1 in E♭PePE8 6JHtesting.outline.scribbled
Wappenham, S Mary 68-3-2 in F#ToNN12
Warkton, S Edmund 68-0-11 in A♭KeThu
NN16 9XFmagma.props.known
Warmington, S Mary BV 611-0-25 in F#PeFri †PE8
Water Newton, S Remigius (GF) 310 cwt in A♭PePE8 6LYoutpost.incorrect.juggled
Watford, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 615 cwt in GGuNN6 7UTtrackers.creatures.crawling
Weedon Bec, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 814-3-2 in FDaWedNN7 4PLbuckling.announced.perfumes
Weekley, S Mary V (GF) 68-0-10 in A♭KeNN16
Weldon, S Mary 88-3-26 in A♭ThMon
NN17 3JYnurses.abode.dangerously
Welford, S Mary V (GF) 812-1-26 in F#GuMon †NN6 6HXonce.stew.hound
Wellingborough, All Hallows 828-1-19 in DWeNN8
Welton, S Martin 514½ cwt in FDaNN11
West Haddon, All Saints 512½ cwt in F#GuNN6 7ALskim.jokers.roaming
Weston by Welland, S Mary V 54-3-24 in BKeLE16 8HNowner.materials.sourced
Weston Favell, S Peter (GF) 58-3-26 in G#NoNN3 3JXneeded.bind.bounty
Whilton, S Andrew (GF) 813-1-5 in F#DaMonNN11 2NUflight.modifies.handsets
Whissendine, S Andrew 612-2-6 in ERuThu †LE15 7HLnests.pizzeria.flicks
Whiston, S Mary V (GF) 515-0-4 in FWeNN7 1NNhurry.iteration.honeybees
Whitfield, S John Ev (GF) 67-0-26 in B♭CuFriNN13 5TEstunt.advising.beamed
Whittlebury, S Mary 59 cwt in AToNN12 8XSoffline.contracting.flats
Wicken, S John Ev 815-1-20 in FToTue †MK19 6BUcraziest.rafters.chucked
Wilbarston, All Saints (GF) 67-2-15 in A♭KeTueLE16
Wilby, S Mary V (GF) 68-2-12 in B♭WeNN8 2UQpolo.clearcut.bought
Wing, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 56-3-22 in B♭RuTue †LE15 8SEcouple.lightly.flickers
Winwick, S Michael & All Angels (GF) 37 cwt in B♭GuNN6 7PDsprouting.gains.keep
Wittering, All Saints (GF) 65-3-12 in B♭PeTue †PE8 6AQsting.wiggling.dispose
Wollaston, S Mary (GF) 616-2-17 in EWeWedNN29 7SJchecked.extensive.employ
Woodford, S Mary V 814-0-16 in EThNN14 4EXclinking.fermented.softly
Woodford Halse, S Mary V 67-2-27 in ACuThu †NN11 3RLtriangles.factories.drizzly
Wootton, S George M (GF) 613-2-21 in E♭NoTueNN4 6LQgoal.dine.chef
Yardley Hastings, S Andrew 611-1-24 in F#WeWedNN7 1EHcomfort.packets.anchorman
Yarwell, S Mary Magd (GF) 55-0-4 in CPePE8 6PRdozens.expecting.trooper
Yelvertoft, All Saints 612 cwt in FGuFriNN6 6LYcarry.confronts.cabbies