The CCCBR president's latest blog includes an update on the proposed National Ringing Centre at St Peter's and the Old Black Lion. The CCT is the Churches Conservation Trust, who are running the project at the Old Black Lion in Northampton in order to support activity at St Peter's.

"We have now signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the Churches Conservation Trust to develop a ringing centre at the Old Black Lion in Northampton. This is a project that has been bubbling along in the background since Christopher O’Mahony’s time as President, but which has now taken a big step forward as the CCT has filed the planning application and is now actively looking for an operator for the pub. They are specifically advertising for a pub operator that will appreciate bellringers! I am sure we can demonstrate our value in due course.

And in a year or so’s time we hope to be looking for people with trade skill to help fit it out, because it would be good to be able to do it with volunteer effort rather than pay builders too much. Not that I have anything against builders, it’s just that we may well have the skills between us."

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